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Jude: I think that something that is often forgotten, or ignored in the whole issue of vaping/smoking/ST is why people decide to use any of these things. We are still constantly told that we are «addicts», that we don’t enjoy using nicotine products etc, etc. Until it is accepted that people smoke/vape/use Snus etc., solely because its enjoyable, nothing much will change.
For someone like me who very much enjoyed smoking, and now very much enjoys vaping, it was the punitive taxes imposed by a greedy government, and moronic prohibitionists, that was the decider for me to quit smoking, not ideology, (choice, healthism, whatever), it was the very banal fact of cost. Vaping is just so much less expensive. – Read full statement

Tobacco is brain doping

I am a passionate tobacco smoker since the age of fourteen and I can hardly imagine that an e-cigarette would be as joyful as tobacco. But unlike governments and clerics, imagination and hear-say alone does not suffice my surge for knowledge. So at the beginning of January 2018, I bought all the necessary gadgets needed and was ready to start a vaping career. But soon, I was pretty much disappointed.


But who am I to tell what my fellow humans are allowed to smoke, to vape, to eat, to drink, which pill they throw, which herb they chew – and in which dose? Some of us get their kicks through adrenaline from mountain climbing, martial combat tournaments or simply by battering each others heads to porridge on Sunday afternoon’s football circus while others prefer getting high on endorphins by jogging their lungs out, finally entwining with their ruined knee-joints, or having their neck and bones broken when exercising  «sportive» base jumping, Delta-gliding or free-style skiing.

The less aggressive and vast majority of British mankind finds recreational compensation in their locals, socialising with whomever just happens to be around, accompanied by a drink which serves as social lubricant, indulging in discussions on whatever topic that is on their daily mind mainly produced by government controlled mainstream media. All these pub-activities prevented the British far more from illnesses than anything else; and it used to save the National Health Service (NHS) a lot of money.

Ten years later, after the governmental verdict of 2007, proclaiming in a hysterical fit that passive smoke (ETS) is to be considered, more religiously enlightened and motivated than by facts yet to be found, a killer of non-smokers and hence smokers have to be banned from every pub and other public places to protect all non-smokers. As a person from the Continent, not familiar with British humour, I have come to the conclusion that Great Britain shamefully wants to hide its growing number of illiterates who cannot decipher a pictogram at the pup’s door.

Since 2007, all has changed to the worse. England, tricked by false prophets, has banned smoking tobacco in all its pubs and public places under the pretext that non-smokers have to be protected from second hand smoke. No matter, whether there is lack of proof of any danger at all, no matter whether 28.000 English Pubs had to be closed within the past ten years and consequently putting just as many landlords on the dole, a para- religious virus was set free to enslave the entire world. Their scientists, paid by the British taxpayers, have anything straightened out to their beliefs, not realising that believing is not knowing. Facts were strictly censored – and still are. The damage done to science will never be restored, whereas, there is to say, medical science always had the nimbus of  vulgar superstition since its existence.

The real reason for such short sightedness and denial of reality lays in the commercial war between Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, next to some nit-witted, straight-laced ideologists of over-sized Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) which have gathered far more influence than any governmental prime minister could ever dream of; with all the nasty consequences; and school teachers are long since not the brightest candle on the birthday cake.

  • Junk delivering scientists are gladly reacting to their offered incentives and started to demand from authorities whatever they are told to by economic Molochs. But that is not the job of a scientist! Shame on all these participants.
  • Too much fear to be mistreated, people have lost their faith in doctors with the result of rapidly declining compliance among patients who still dare to consult one.
  • The immense damage done to the credibility of (medical) science can hardly ever be restored. Medicine has turned into sorcery and esoteric humbug.
  • The triggered segregation in all societies will lead to instability and turmoil. Each new prohibition Act in lifestyle doubles up (1-2-4-8-16-32…) Brexit is only the beginning. The Islam is overloaded with lifestyle prohibition since about the 8th century and the accumulated frustrations must vent off somehow. Terrorism, fanaticism and militancy are the logical counter-action against those who are supposedly free. Jealousy and envy are strong emotional forces in an already overheated steamer. Those afraid of an Islamisation of Europe will exactly get what they fear of. And this a well constructed and old open agenda which is no longer hidden. The once looked down upon conspiracy theory has long ago become a fact.

Doctors of all trades suddenly cannot control themselves any more not to command publicly what politicians must and must not do, to the worst of the already suffering UK tax-payers who finally finance this comedy ballet by Molière’s last work «Le Malade imaginaire», in which he collapsed and died on stage. Shamelessly they greedily react to highly questionable incentives by governments and the like and neglect the help seeking patients by giving them a huge dose of Nocebo instead. Considering the fact that 60 per cent of the W.H.O.-fundings are being provided by Big Pharma and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, heavily invested in Big Pharma itself, one should assume that almost everybody knows who is responsible for all the lies and fake news hidden in «serious» make-believe articles which in turn end up as thirty silver coins in the pockets of the media.

Doctors and other self-elected good-doers demand almost daily further «protection» of minorities whose body volume or action is declared politically incorrect. They do it in a distressing arrogance that we have never encountered before – except during the Nazi-Regime. The hysteria has already gone so far that politicians are now actually degraded to governmental clerks sitting in gloomy offices while medical and theological NGOs have taken over the country. And they have done it in a perfection which leaves Scientology sectarians look like boy-scouts. The strict separation of powers, the significant token of any democracy does not exist any more.

It started in 1976, when France decreed la loi Veil (abortion law) and was accelerated in 1991 by the decree of la loi Evin, that evoked the battle against alcohol and tobacco. But it was not until after 9/11, when the twin towers› blasting operation had taken place, that this attack started debates, perfectly timed and concerted, to engulf Europe on all channels, radio-stations, in every magazine and news-paper. The military-like staged psychological warfare on tobacco and daily mind-boggling attacks on people’s common sense soon started to take its toll.

Less stable individuals were driven into severe inner conflicts and the never-ending 24/7 fear mongering of Europe’s 500 Million inhabitants were soon forced to seek help at ambulant psychiatrists and inscription to the long access list for psychiatric clinics which in consequence rapidly produced a severe shortage of sufficient capacities. The stand-by time for admissions has risen from previously one to three months to almost one year now; providing your access will be granted.

This enabled the devout United Puritan States of America (UPSA) to finally get their foot in the door to alter Europe’s lifestyle. First in Eire (2004), then in Great Britain (2007).

Britain’s doors wide open to bring us the bless and glory of The American Way of life, nobody of us really wanted. The smoking ban took 30 years of constant bombardments and brain washing until the American Trojan Horse finally succeeded with the help of the UN and its sub-organisation W.H.O., the latter having spent 800 Billion Dollars until today. And this cabaret will never end, thanks to the environmental leftists aiming to put the world under a Maoist regime.

Pharmaceutical concerns have long been aiming at establishing and hence controlling the entire Fauna of Nature. I remember 1976 watching an interview on TV in which the journalist asked a top shot pharmaceutical if they could not make cigarettes less harmful. The answer was, that they had no interests in producing cigarettes, but, after a short pause he added, «it would of course be very interesting for us if tobacco contained no nicotine and we could sell the nicotine only». – Well, with the e-cigarette, we are almost there.

Although it is general knowledge that we continue to repeat history: In 1764, the British Parliament decretes the Sugar Act (Denmark today has one too). One year later the Stamp Act (Switzerland has one too) to tax British Colonies. These taxes were more than moderate, considering the fact that the subjects at home had to pay fifty times more. 1773 came the Tea Act which led to the «Bostoner Tea Party» which in turn led to the American War of Independence. Prohibitive Acts regarding lifestyle monitoring have so far never led to anything positive in the past. This is a natural law. Why should nature change its «mind». The same goes with the climate hysteria, or the hilarious Corona Lock-Down in 2020/21, but that is another story.

For almost 100 years tobacco is known as a potent anti-depressant.


The same stance in this matter applies to a very small bunch of (hopefully) elected politicians – the vast majority in the EU parliament is not elected by the people of their nations – who’s duty is to serve the people, an by no means imposing onto them and their lifestyle harassment into the extent of banning little joys of life which causes constantly rising burnout cases.

Are nannies in politics more knowledgeable, more intelligent than the rest of us, knowing what is good for the modern peasants? Would that justify their Herrenrasse behaviour on us? Are the Bourbons coming back? Is it not far more their duty to protect minorities as a Republic with democratic guidelines, instead of prying on our life-style and abominable privacy. Along with tobacco and Cannabis all natural herbs and plants have their right of existence in an open society and are to be freely accessed and consumed by anyone who wishes to do so – without being forced by anyone having to  provide any explanation or justification whatsoever,  just as non-smokers should not have to justify themselves for not smoking.

This applies basically to all drugs proclaimed illegal in clerical ruled past and current century, including pharmaceuticals. It is a humiliating insult to any adult citizen being patronised by fellow adult compatriots.

It exposes a sick neo-feudal system and repressive administration, still using Tax Farms, far away from democratic values, where law-abiding people have to subserviently wade through an inflated bureaucracy of Health Departments and local Health Offices, where doctors are too busy answering compulsory governmental questionnaires instead of investing their precious time and knowledge to looking after the abandoned ill laying forlorn at home in their beds, uselessly hoping the doctor could still find the time for a short visit, as well as many other institutions hanging on the drip of Big Health Inc. In order to obtain a nanny-state’s time-limited permit to buy a certain pharmaceutical drug, instead of buying it at the local dealer’s around the corner or producing it in one’s own garden and simultaneously saving time consuming paper-work. And they demand it for every each and single licensed drug where the Health Industry, hand in hand with the Government, can rip off private households owing to the fact that they have their foot well placed on all of the dope and herbs on this earth and where innumerable tax-efficient co-addicted helpers and good-doers hold open their sticky fingers for Baksheesh, freely provided by the consumer to a price that triples easily the one on the black market, considering NHS premiums, percentage excess on premiums and on doctor’s bills as well as advice fees by pharmacists, even though you are customer of exactly the same drug for ten, twenty or more years, not needing this compulsory service at all.

So one might ask which party is the real Mafia, the increasingly patronising and insatiable government or the tax-free Ndrangheta which cares just as much about your health as the Health Department of your country does, when coming to think of highly toxic mercury, up to seven Grams in one single energy saving bulb or the 6’000 per cent allowance rise for poisonous fertilisers by the EU Commission in 2008. Be careful when judging about drug racketeering. In New York City, you have to pay USD 12.85 for a pack of legal fags whereas an illegal shot of Heroine costs you only USD 10.00 and in London you can choose between three lines of Cocaine or two pints of beer for the equivalent price of one pack of cigarettes. (Snow in the city [in German])

Highest priority in governmental drug directives for pharmaceutical pills is austerity by suppressing any flush or ecstasy or other drug-induced happy feelings of highs, proving their evangelical overall control in health policy and simultaneously unmasking their sadistic vein when it comes to pain killers for the long-term sufferers who really have nothing left to laugh.

Already 25 per cent of all Swiss employees are on the privileged governmental pay-roll, brain-draining massively private Companies who subsequently have to recruit foreigners to fill in the gap. 30 per cent living in Switzerland are foreign residents, ruining middle class further. Almost 45 per cent, mostly foreigners, work for the Health Industry, and the actual demand still cannot be met. A Swiss hits the jackpot when being able to talk to the doctor in his mother tongue. With the technical revolution of 4th level digital and robot technology at our doors, vastly creating an army of unemployed on the continuously rising unemployment chart, it is only a question of time when all of us will be forced to work for ‹Big Brother› as fiefs or serfs. Currently, there are about 10 million industrial robots toiling around the world, and Japan is the highest advanced country having a high density of utilising robots in its manufacturing industry.

Inequality at its best: Class-War in Drug Policy


While tobacco today is labelled as a drug only being used by the precariat and condemned by medical academics, their precarity now claims free access to their own sort of brain-enhancing drugs, we see a class-war coming up, producing further loads of junk-papers deliberately and scholarly erroneously titled and sold as «scientific» works. Anything that passes with the help of highly effective spin doctors, «scientifically» unopposed to curse a red pill, also works vice versa when establishing glorification of a blue pill.

A commentary in Nature by a group of psychologists, ethicists and neuroscientists has a controversial message: Based on our considerations, we call for a presumption that mentally competent adults should be able to engage in cognitive enhancement using drugs. The authors call for a rejection of the common knee-jerk notion that cognitive enhancement in healthy individuals – using drugs like amphetamines or fatigue suppressants  – is somehow “cheating”, “unnatural”, or “drug abuse”. None of these criticisms hold up to close scrutiny, they argue, and certainly do not justify a blanket ban on the use of enhancement techniques. Instead, the possible benefits of cognitive enhancement both for individuals and for society at large should be carefully weighed up before a decision is made. – Source

[Emphasis by source]

Former President (1975-1990) of the extreme left Swiss Socialist Party and 24/7 pipe smoker, Mr Helmut Hubacher is cited to have said: «Tobacco is pure brain doping».

Prohibitionists, please get your share right now for your own good!

Carolus Magnus

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