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The World Aids Campaign Day

Facing AIDS - World AIDS day 2008

I was asked to drop some lines to the World Aids Campaign Day of 1st December 2008. Regarding the global situation of what is going on in the Health Industry, I am torn between anger and frustration.

Based on its sample of 33,033 women attending 1,415 antenatal clinics across all nine provinces, the South African Department of Health Study estimates that 29.1% of pregnant women were living with HIV in 2006. The provinces that recorded the highest HIV rates were KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and Free State.

Until 1998 South Africa had one of the fastest expanding epidemics in the world, but HIV prevalence now appears to have stabilized, and may even be declining slightly. Among teenage girls, the rate fell from 15.9% in the 2005 survey to 13.7% in 2006, possibly indicating a drop in the rate of new infections. Nevertheless it should be noted that the 2006 study involved twice as many women as previous surveys, and samples were collected from more than three times as many clinics; this rather major change in the study population may have influenced the results, as the newly included clinics may have been located in areas with lower HIV prevalence. (Source)

Reading these figures makes me fuming. We have a World Health Organisation (WHO) which is more concerned about preventing people from second hand tobacco smoke, a «danger to Health» that by evidence does not exist and was never ever unbiasedly proven by independent scientists. Now there comes a new campaign to save the world from »passive drinking«. Beware, not drinkers or even the illness of alcoholism are the problems to be fought, according to the WHO paper on alcohol policy – second report, but third parties are to be protected, just like in a sort of »passive drinkers protection«. Has the world in general and the WHO in specific gone nuts?

Would the WHO clearly impose – like it was done on smoking bans ruining world wide culture, social relations and gastronomy on a large and destructive scale – on all pharmaceutical firms that they must provide to Third World Countries their over-prized medicaments, condoms, hygienic facilities and information programs at no costs, this African Tsunami of HIV and AIDS could be fast and easily reduced at once. But which of the new legal drug barons in the pharmaceutical health industry is interested in even listening to such a proposal?

Poverty first has to be eliminated to fight AIDS. But when there is money coming into the game of help and health, one can hear a thousand excuses and money would rather be invested in deadly weapons and depleted Uranium ammunitions to reduce the worlds population even more – and to nurse their paranoia – than in the sick and poor. Rape still is the number one reason for spreading HIV in Africa, where women have barely any rights and where knowledge only about AIDS does not help at all in such cases.

I know, it is the worlds HIV/AIDS day, but such stupidity makes me somehow feel to throw up. There are far more effective and cheaper ways to save people’s live:

Global water shortage map

Drinking water only for the rich?

After many years of trying (instead of doing) to provide clear water to everyone on this planet, there still are one billion people (one sixth) not having access to clean water and over two billion (one third) have to live without basic sanitary facilities. Every day 5000 children below the age of five die from diarrhoea – day after day! Parents do not even know that dirt water makes them ill and leads to death.

According to UNICEF (the WHO for children), one single gram of excrements contains ten million viruses, one million bacteria and 1000 parasites. With decent sanitary outfits diseases like cholera, hepatitis A or bilharzia could be avoided. How much does a shit house cost that it is impossible to install them all over the world with cabins separating male and female? Menstrual blood is also contagious in unhygienic places where boys and girls are using the same bar or hole.
Another one billion suffer from constant hunger, but the WHO finds it more amusing to fight the non-existent dangers to health of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS), instead of just provide life-saving nutrition. But then, nutrition has not as high a sales-margin as have pharmazeutical products.

All these rich entrepreneurs of the giant pharmacy conglomerates seem to have neither brain, nor interest, nor money nor know how to build or supply or support with money a well or hygienic facilities in every village. Or are they just too penny-pinching? Water, if there is any, is mostly contaminated by simple human or animal excrements and leads to infections, diarrhoea and real serious diseases; often they only lack – next to clean water and hygienic outfits – vitamins and coal which surely is not as expensive as Champix, Nicorette, Prozac (happy pills for yuppies) or Viagra. Médecins sans frontières complain about the unavailability of even the most basic medicaments such as antibiotics or sterilisation material.

The question arises: Does the degenerated Western World have problems or does the Third World have one? It seems that the Western World rather and happily creates non-existent new diseases like tanorexy or female sexual disorder, shortly called FSD, instead of fighting the real and deadly ones.

This bigot game of health industry managed and supported by the WHO makes me feel sick!

Carolus Magnus

Carolus Magnus

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