Wu Wang – Tiananmen Massacre Hero

Today, twenty-four years ago

Wu Wang Tiananmen


1989 was  the year of the snake. In Western culture, a snake is the symbol of betrayal and cowardice. While the Berlin Wall fragmented to pebbles, brothers and sisters falling into their arms, the CCP with its army showed its ugliest face to the world since the brutal occupation of peace loving Tibet, initiated by insane Mao who took more people’s life than WWII demanded in Europe. This year, the same might happen with the Jasmine Movement where brave and hopeful young people only are longing for and looking forward to get justice to their needs of liberty through democracy; a basic human right and natural desire, just like hunger, thirst or sex.

Does China’s bureaucratic elite suffer from an incestuous genetic defect or is it just an abominable bunch of well organised gangsters and modern freedom pirates similar to suppressive outlaws to the free people’s constitution of the USA like EPA, FBI, CIA [1] or Homeland Security? Short term future will soon tell.

censored by Canadian Broadcasting CBC

The brave Tank Man

Covering the story direcly from Beijing –

update 2013-02-18 seized by FBI via ISP

New World Order slaves FBI and IPR

Tong Bao Men: Qing Da Kai Kan Kan!

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