The Uglification of Britain

There seems no limit to tobacco-phobic maniacs

The British government is about to initiate a sort of public hearing on whether or not the United Kingdom should adopt ‹plain› packaging of all tobacco products. Commonwealth member Australia has been infected further by the dangerous Anglo-American Commonhealth virus. It jumped forward to be the very first country in this hopelessly maddening race to win the World Homicide Organisation’s (WHO) award of the most obsequious paragon of virtue. This senseless and ridiculous law takes effect by end of December 2012.

What it is ...

‹Plain packaging› is a sort of new-speak and by no means what common sense would guess. The space on the packs belonging to the tobacco producers is expropriated – one would simply say stolen – by the government which once was dedicated in fighting communism. By ‹plain packaging›, the nanny law-mongers mean to let the consumer read the producer’s name and brand in a standardised font only. A brand logo is strictly forbidden.  The rest of the empty space is used by, not leased to, the nanny state only to place most disgusting health-pornography on it with no compensation for this theft and abominable imposition. One should think these pictures were far more appropriate on medical and pharmaceutical products, but who knows what goes on in a nutty-reigned nanny state’s brain. Once forbidden advertisements on pharmaceutical and medical products are now entirely legal and fill in the vacuum, created in 1998 by a corrupt judge in the United States, damning the tobacco industry to pay billions of Dollars and many more in future if not complying to the imposed restrictions to the constitutional right of freedom of speech, protected by the First Amendment. That is why we never hear or read anything regarding the smoking ban from the tobacco producers. It is like a dumb trying to defend himself for any, no matter how deviate accusation and it is in addition like disabling the defendant’s right in favour of the prosecutor.

The honest hard working British are driven into poverty by some lunatics to satisfy their own sadistic egos and ideological beliefs. It cannot be denied that they get a great kick out of playing nanny to adults as a substitute of not having found a partner to reproduce. Almost 60 percent of the British are singles, many of them without real perspectives but with deprived backgrounds and no family ties. To them health has become the new religion of today and as we all know, belief does not know, although ‹epidemiological science› is very busy to prove the opposite.

... and what is meant

Smokefree South West launched the world first campaign which has been backed by Dragon’s Den’s Duncan Bannatyne and Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham MP. Wiltshire youth parliament debated last Monday, May 13, 2012 on plain packaging for cigarettes and Andrea Dickens, Deputy Director of «Smokefree South West» and no descendant of Charles Dickens proves the effectiveness of scholar indoctrination by commenting: »The tobacco industry spends millions each year coming up with new glitzy, glamorous and enticing designs for their packaging or the ‹hero› as they call it.« The worse the pain in the arse by this para-religious movement might get, the higher our recognition to the propagandistic work, far exceeding Goebbel’s  skills, done by fanatics of the pioneers: »Smokefree South West is encouraging people to go to to find out more and have their voice heard in the upcoming Government consultation which is due to be announced in the following weeks.« – Hail Britannia! »We can all be a part of this ground-breaking process and join Australia in making a move to protect children from the influence of tobacco packaging.« – Ground breaking virtue terror indeed.

See what ‹plain packaging› means in Down Under

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2 thoughts on “The Uglification of Britain

  1. Die Antwort dürfte nicht schwer sein: there is no limit to tobacco-phobic maniacs!
    Als Beispiel für die diktatorischen Tendenzen der WHO hier nur eine Meldung aus Honduras: Dort wurde vor einem Jahr ein Gesetz verabschiedet, dass es Leuten erlaubt ihre Verwandten anzuzeigen, wenn diese in der Wohnung rauchen. Armando Peruga von der WHO lobte das neue Gesetz, bemerkte aber, es wäre besser gewesen, Rauchen zu Hause gleich ganz zu verbieten:

    Denunziation, Überwachung, Ausgrenzung und Diskriminierung u.s.w. sind die Mittel der WHO im Kampf um eine gesunde Welt nach ihren Vorstellungen.

  2. Mit Bezug auf Honduras und ähnliche Länder könnte man feststellen und ohne Zweifel auch beweisen, dass das Rauchverbot, welches per se schon diktatorische Merkmale aufweist, ein hervorragend geeignetes und auch gerne benutztes Mittel ist, die Dreiviertel sämtlicher Mitglieder vertretenen Diktaturen der UNO zu festigen; genau so wie wir auch die diktatorischen Tendenzen seit den Rauchverboten in der EU beunruhigend zur Kenntnis nehmen müssen. Die selbst von den Mainstream-Medien akzeptierte Bezeichnung «Demokratur» lässt befürchten, dass die Zeiten der Demokratie bald für lange Zeit zu Ende sein werden.

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